Malden Blitz 1940

Saturday 18th September 2010 

On Saturday 18th September 2010 at 2pm a service was held at Christ Church New Malden, to remember our civilians killed and injured in WW2 and celebrate the community that we have become.
We had a fantastic turn out and the organising committee would like to thank everyone who played their part in making this such a wonderful community event.

Saturday 15th October 2011
A short dedication will be held at New Malden War Memorial (High Street) as a plaque is unveiled in memory of the civilians who perished. The money that paid for this was raised from donations given at last year's service and we invite the community to attend.

Malden bombed

To see this map of where the bombs hit in more detail click here

Pictures of Park View and Hillbrow


Our Plug on Radio Jacqui

Other world wide web sites we've hit

 Second World War Questions

1)    Where can you find the names Allen, Betts, Burgess, and Docherty listed together?
2)    Who was Prime Minister of Great Britain when war was declared?
3)    Who was Prime Minister of Great Britain when the war ended?
4)    What did the Local Defence Volunteers become in July 1940?
5)    Who was the commanding officer of the 51st (Malden) Battalion of the above?
6)    What were the ranks and full names of the two Malden men awarded VCs during the war?
7)    Which monument was scarred by enemy action: the original fountain or the war memorial?
8)    When during the war did the British allow themselves “a brief period of rejoicing”?
9)    What is the sound made by an air raid siren to signal the all clear?
10) When was Malden’s First Air Raid?

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